In the News: OFM’s New Furniture Lineup in 2018 Shows Company’s Market Expansion

In the News: OFM’s New Furniture Lineup in 2018 Shows Company’s Market Expansion

Imaginative tables, LED lighting, and new versatile office furniture series added to inventory.

OFM is ending 2018 with a dramatically expanded lineup of new and innovative furniture products to meet the ever-changing needs of the American consumer whether they are working in an office or starting a business from home.

“We add new products every year, but this year was different,” said Greg VandeVisser, marketing manager for OFM. “In several cases, these were entirely new product lines for us, helping expand our offerings to the consumer wherever they may be.”

OFM’s most dramatic expansion this year came with its new line of on-trend LED desk lamps, including ones with a wireless charging pad for iPhone and Android smart phones. It was OFM’s first move into lighting since its inception in 1995. It also introduced its new colorful and imaginative Adapt Series Tables designed for a wide variety of work settings from the classroom to the boardroom.

Other products launched this year include OFM’s new versatile Fulcrum Laminate Series which consists of desks, credenzas, hutches and storage units that can be mixed and matched and reconfigured in a number of ways to fit any space. And this year OFM continued to expand its Essentials and Core Collection of desks, chairs and storage cabinets with several new product introductions all aimed to meet consumers’ everyday needs both in the workplace and at home.

The expanded lineup is due in part to the ever-changing furniture landscape. With millions of Americans working remotely, home offices have become a growing sector of the industry. At the same time, offices themselves have become both more collaborative and more intimate, with open designs featuring more informal workspaces with a homey feel. In response, OFM added more resimercial furniture to its lineup, which blends residential and commercial features, as well as adapted ergonomic designs long used for executive chairs.

“How we live, work and play is changing, so the furniture that we use to do those things needs to change as well,” added VandeVisser “We’re proud of the new products we debuted in 2018 and are looking forward to more exciting additions to our inventory in the coming year.”