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  • Mark, I just got the new 2012 OFM Catalog today, along w/ the new Pricer. It is awesome, and I can't wait to get them into the hands of my customers. Can you please send me 25 or 30 of them right away? Address is below. Thank you, and Merry Christmas! 
    John Rotty, The Office Planning Group
  • We received the new base on Saturday. The table is much more stable now.I want to thank you as well as Wes for the excellent customer service. I was pleasantly surprised by your quick response and resolution of our problem.Happy Holidays!  
    Evita Vulgaris
  • HI OFM, I just got off the phone with Rose in your customer service dept. while OFM did not have the proper items that I need to fill my requirement, she worked to no end to bring many different idea to the table. The real winning aspect of my experience was that I felt that she cared , I left the call with a smile. Rose was a delight … she made my day !  
    Bill Hutchinson, MarketsWest Office Furniture,Inc.
  • My sincere thanks to OFM’s Holly Springs customer service staff for their guidance and help in making needed stool adjustments; they’ve gone over and beyond in giving assistance. The 125DK is the best stool I’ve used in thirty-five years and the ladies there rate as high. 
    Tom Shideler
  • I just want to express our appreciation of Shawn Heyer in your Phoenix office. He is always available and always responds quickly to our inquiries. This is of utmost importance as we are usually in a bid situation with no time to spare. We are trying to specify more OFM products this year, and Shawn is a major reason why. I know we are a very small account for OFM, but we are taken care of as though we were your biggest account. Thank you. 
    Greg Slingluff, Kona Coast Office Supply, Inc.
  • I did some research looking for a drafting stool that would not cut off the circulation in my legs. The DK 125 is the BEST VALUE out there! It is way more comfortable than I imagined. Very, very nice job of designing a seat that is firm but comfortable. Keep up the good work! 
    Tom Huntford, Freeman Marine Inc. Plant Scheduler
  • I recd the chair yesterday and I have one thing to say "WOW." This chair is FANTASTIC - I LOVE IT !!! I just listed my $1400 Ethan Allen Chair on EBAY for sale. This chair blows it away. And the assembly was simple. I am definitely going to turn on my co-workers, family and friends to this chair and your Company. It is definitely one of the best buys I ever made. Thank you. 
    Vincent Petraglia, Competitive Edge Products
  • Just wanted to again repeat kudos regarding service from OFM. Last Friday a customer called who requested a freight quote for a Marque desk, which in turn I forwarded to Patty. Initially this customer wanted the desk delivered to his home, but when that cost was higher than he realized, we had to change the criteria and thus two more times a freight quote was needed. Patty stayed and worked with me and provided a very satisfactory freight quote. This morning I placed that purchase order as a result! What amazes me about OFM, and it isn't one situation, it's consistent, is everyone there is attentive to customers, ready to go the extra mile to help secure a sale, always in a friendly and courteous manner, and always in a very timely fashion. It's like a boiler plate of what employees should be, but since I know that isn't possible, it has to be that OFM fosters an environment that is conducive to creating and maintaining this type of customer service. In all the manufacturers I deal with on a daily basis, OFM is indeed unique in this regard. There would be days when I wouldn't be pulling out my hair if everyone provided the same level of service to their customers. You are doing a lot of things very, very correctly and I just wanted to let you know how much it's appreciated!. 
    Cindy Nelson, Best Price Office Furniture
  • Blake, I just have to tell you that the on-line chat to your CS is beyond any level of customer service any where. Thanks to you and your whole family for such a great company you have built and continue carrying to new levels. 
    Bill Crawley, MacThrift Office Furniture
  • Thanks Rose. This was my first experience with OFM and due to your excellent customer service and Mary’s quick response to my request for a quote; it won’t be the last. I have spread the word at the office about how good you all are! Look for more orders in the future. Thanks. 
    Kurt Chester
  • I had to email and tell you that Greg was such a huge help to me, I received the replacement part for model # 680-703-footrest mech. Thanks so much, it's wonderful to know that OFM, Inc. stands by their product. I reattached the new part and the chair works fine now! 
    Peter Solomon
  • I wanted to take a moment to tell you about Susan Parker and what a wonderful asset she is to your company. On December 11th I ordered a chair from (name shall remain anonymous) for my husbands Christmas gift. The really bad part of all this is that I convinced my manager to order from this same company. She ordered the same chair the same day. I made an error in my shipping information and immediately attempted to contact (name shall remain anonymous). I received no response what so ever. Needless to say, 9 days later, after dozens of phone calls and emails, I believed that I had been ripped off by a bogus website. I went so far as to Google the address and call other companies in that area to find out if it was legit. Those calls came back that others companies at that address had never heard of them. On a chance I sent an email to your company this past weekend. Susan Parker responded first thing Monday morning. Not only did she respond immediately but she took care of my order and according to UPS it shipped yesterday and is on the truck headed to my house as I write this email. Please know that I will never deal with (name shall remain anonymous) and will be sure to advise anyone I know. However, I will highly recommend your company for the best customer service I have every had. I am in customer service and appreciate good service when I receive it. She went above and beyond. 
    Debbie Alster
  • I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you all how much I appreciate several members of your staff "Every time I order from OFM, the service I receive is extraordinary. With the economy the way it is, the furniture that you provide makes it easier to meet my clients budget.", etc ... 
    Casey Troutman
  • The difference in getting this sale was the use of the You Tube video. I sent that link to this customer and they loved it. Their comments to me were it is "a lot of bang for the buck", etc ... Today, finally, we received the purchase order! 
    Cindy Nelson
  • I just wanted you to know that the customer is extremely satisfied with the pew chairs I sold them, and with the speed that you got them out. Thank you so much for the great service. 
    Joseph David
  • We’ll definitely recommend your products and services to our friends and business associates, and when we’re in the market for new furniture, we’ll be sure to specify OFM. Please continue the excellent service. 
    Charlie Lisanti
  • The reason for writing this letter is to tell you that your employees were so kind and patient and I was very impressed... My stool is perfect in height and I LOVE IT! I really appreciate your service. 
    Erma Collins
  • Your customer service support...has been superb! Our most recent order ... shipped right on time and is being delivered to the client tomorrow. I was especially impressed with the prompt response and professional quality of the quote sent to me electronically. Keep up the great work and it's a pleasure to do business with your company. 
    Ron Lanzo
  • I appreciate the attitude and efficiency of your staff. Product information, freight quotes, and shipping information are provided promptly, accurately, and courteously without fail. Shipments are made accurately and in a timely manner. It is a pleasure doing business with companies like yours. 
    E.J. Marcell, President, Southern Business Interiors
  • Our sales for OFM have been crazy since the update! With the upload of all product on our site sales have increased and with the new images of existing product the sales on those items have increased as well especially the office chairs.