Employee of the Year 2013

Che Morgan

Distribution cmorgan@ofminc.com

Rose Polewczak

Customer Service rpolewczak@ofminc.com

When the people throughout the organization continue to strive to better themselves as well as the overall team, it makes deciding on a single Employee of the Year winner very difficult. I mean, how can you weigh out each individual accomplishment to see who did more? Well, at OFM, we say you can't. With that being the case, OFM has awarded 2 Employees of the Year for 2013 in Che Morgan and Rose Polewczak.

Each of these individuals has shown what it means to go Above and Beyond on a daily basis. We thank them for their hard work and dedication to the overall customer experience.

Congratulations to Che and Rose on this outstanding accomplishment!

2016 Recipient

Nate Ligons

2015 Recipient

Robert Stone-El

2014 Recipient

Monica Wester

2013 Recipient

Che Morgan & Rose Polewczak