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Do the .CAS (casters) work with the Model 700 Series or Model 800-L?
No. These models have casters that can hold the additional weight capacity that these chairs warrant.
Do the .CAS.SOFT (soft casters) work with the Model 700 series or Model 800-L?
No. The model 700-HF-Caster is the correct model number for a non-marking casters for those "Big & Tall" Chairs.
What accessories are available for OFM’s chairs?
Glides, soft casters, arm kits and drafting kits can be purchased to modify a chair. Glides – use in place of casters so chair does not roll across floor Soft casters – use in place of regular casters to protect laminate, tile & vinyl flooring Arm kits – adjustable arms can be purchased for any task chair Drafting Kit – can convert any task chair into a counter height stool
Do the GLIDES (glides) work with the Model 700 series or Model 800-L?
No, due to the weight capacity of the product, the Glides are not able to hold the additional weight.
Do the AA-1 adjustable arms work with the Model 700 series or Model 800-L?
No, use the AA-6 adjustable arms instead.
How do I place an order for an OFM product?
OFM, Inc. does not sell directly to end users but we'll be happy to help you find an OFM dealer.
Can I get representative fabric swatches for a chair before placing an order?
Yes, simply email or call (800) 520-7471 and ask for a set of fabric swatches to be sent to the address you specify. For non-chair finish/laminate samples please specify the product you are interested in.
My assembly instructions say I need an Allen wrench but my hardware pack didn’t come with one?
The product has been updated to use hex-head screws with a washer already attached and the Allen wrench is no longer necessary. Just use a Phillips head screwdriver. Updated assembly instructions can be found online.
What are the dimensions and specifications on an particular item?
Visit the product page on this website and navigate to the item or enter the model number into the search box in the upper right corner. All sizes, weights, features, shipping points, etc. are posted for each item. Or, you may find complete specifications in the OFM catalog and price list.
I have a furniture business. Can I resell OFM products?
If you have a retail, web-based, or other kind of furniture resale business, you can apply to become an OFM dealer. Please fill out our OFM Dealer Application.
Do the chairs gang with the tables or vice versa?
No. The chairs gang with each other only.
How can I replace the arm pads on the 403, 503, or 603?
First, remove the old armpads. Then, place 2 or 3 drops of liquid hand/dishwashing soap inside one end of the new armpad. Place the soapy end of the pad over the back of the armrest and work the pad onto the armrest until it is in the proper position.
Can the middle section of this table (the leaf) be replaced?
Yes. The middle leaf on the model 55118 can be removed and replaced if damaged. The top on this table is a 3 piece top that is standard as its size. It does not get smaller if the leaf is removed.
My chair is broken. How can I get a replacement part?
Please contact the company you bought the item from. The best way to do this is to print the assembly instructions found here and circle the part(s) needed and fax it to them so that there is no doubt as to what part is needed. Please include the original PO#. If the item is defective under our warranty, OFM will replace the part at no charge. However, if the part is due to misuse or abuse by the customer, OFM will charge for the part plus freight. See our Warranty for details.
Do OFM products have a Warranty?
Yes, please view our Limited Lifetime Warranty.